Tech Tips

  • Dual Rate UHT Spring Design Specs

    The new dual rate spring designs from Hyperco are an innovation. To see which spring would best fit your needs, we've compiled some of the design specifications.
  • How to select and use Hyperco Bump Springs

    Expert advice for choosing the correct Hyperco bump spring for your setup.
  • Linear vs Progressive Rate Suspension Springs

    Within the realm of motorsports and high-performance driving there is considerable debate about whether “linear rate” or “progressive rate” suspension springs are better for a specific type of event or vehicle. Hyperco weighs in on that debate in this tech tip.
  • Making Hypercoils

    In order to manufacture a performance advantage, we start with a CNC coiler, as shown in the video. The process is only complete when our signature blue coating and laser-etching have been applied.
  • Spring Bow Under Load

    Question: Is it normal for all springs to bow under load?
  • Racing Regulating Bodies

    Question: Do you have URL's for regulating bodies for different types of racing?
  • Resources for Chassis Design

    Question: Where can I get help with setting a chassis to obtain the best racing performance?
  • Composite Leaf Spring Tips

    Question: What are the most common Tech Tips for using Composite Leaf Springs?
  • Composite Leaf Spring Installation

    Question: How do I install your leaf springs on a Camaro or Chrysler car?
  • Composite Leaf Spring Dimensions

    Question: How do you measure the composite leaf springs?

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