Custom Springs

The team at Hyperco works hard to offer the most popular suspension spring options across Motorsports, Powersports, and Street Performance applications in our catalog. However, the speed of change and the sheer number of race organizations and teams that we work with demands an open mind and an engineering staff that understands the demands and requirements of this high-performance industry.

Our engineers will evaluate your needs and work with you to design the perfect spring to give you the performance advantage you need!

Spring Design Application

Custom Spring Design

  • Customer Details

  • Vehicle Information

  • Spring Design Specifics

  • Sprung Weight

  • Unsprung Weight

  • Inner Diameter

    (min. allowed)
  • Outer Diameter

    (max. allowed)
  • Free Length

  • Ride Height

  • End Coil Degree

    (for non-ground flat springs)
  • Desired Wheel Rate

  • Spring Ends Finish

  • Solid Spring Height

  • Total Shock Travel

  • Quantity

    (for quoting)
  • Spring Arm Dimension Diagram

    If component is critical, please mark with * at the end of the dimension. Ex: Inner Diameter 1.95" *

    If dimension is a maximum, please label with (MAX) at end of dimension. Ex: Outer Diameter 5" (MAX)

    If dimension is a minimum, please label with (MIN) at end of dimension. Ex: Free Length 13.5" (MIN)

  • Motion Ratio Dimensions

  • Extra Information

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