Other Components from MW Industries

Hyperco offers a range of highly-engineered suspension springs and related products for the aftermarket industry particularly the Motorsports, Street Performance and Off-Road & Powersports markets. We also offer some “miscellaneous” products through Hyperco and some of our MW Industries, Inc. sister companies, including additional suspension components, fasteners, engine valve springs, machined springs, flexible shaft couplings and carbon composite disc springs.

Hyperco Spring Dividers

Spring Dividers

MW Industries Stock & Custom Fasteners


Various fasteners for automotive aftermarket and OE replacement applications

Performance Engine Valve Springs

Engine Valve Springs

Precision engine valve springs for OEM and performance aftermarket applications

Machined Springs & Flexible Couplings

Machined Springs & Couplings

Used in automotive applications including engines, motors, steering, electronics

Carbon Composite Disc Springs

Carbon Composite Disc Springs

Alternative to steel disc springs and washers; lightweight, non-corrosive, non-magnetic

MW Industries - Stampings, Wire Forms, Machined Parts & Springs

Other MWI Products

The MWI family manufactures a wide range of products including stampings, wire forms, machined parts, and springs