PRI 2017: Hyperco Talks Bump Springs, Dual-Rate Coils

PRI 2017 – the sights, the smells, and the sounds are here in force. Adding to the glitz and glamour is Hyperco and its bump springs and coilovers.

Speaking with us was Kelly Falls. “Our bump spring product line became very popular in the last three years,” he said. “Using them in conjuction with a primary spring. It allows race teams running coilover suspension to tune their dynamic ride to a precise increment. The challenge for us was figuring out what rates of bump springs and how much displacement they needed to have.”

“To that end, this year, we brought a 6,000-, 8,000-, and 10,000-pound bump spring,” continued Falls. “So far, the people we’ve showed it to are really excited about it.”

On the flipside were the dual-rate springs. “Expanding our product line are the dual-rate coilovers,” said Falls. “You could have a really lightweight suspension spring, and then determine a crossover point to get it into a stiffer rate. Dual-rates allow for tuning that wasn’t all that possible in the past.”


To make dual-rate springs a reality, Hyperco’s engineers joined heads with customers to figure out the solution. “We did that and were able to develop a single spring,” said Falls. “The really critical part of it was the transition from the first to second spring rates, and we made it happen.”

What this translates to is a spring that can adjust quickly depending on the load placed on it, which will in turn aid traction. For more information, head on over to the Hyperco website.

By David Chick,

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