Hyperco had a chance to catch up with one of our long-time friends at the IMIS trade show. Jake Ruefer is a Modified driver from Ohio that has been racing on Hypercoils for several years now with some awesome results. He spoke with our GM, Kelly Falls, gave us a few pictures of his car, and let us know that he had another good year with us. We are extremely proud to support Jake and the rest of the Ruefer race team.

In fact, it’s folks like Jake and his race team that have really inspired Hyperco to push the boundaries of our products over the years. We are always on the lookout for better materials and equipment to provide better end results. A few years back, studying the needs of race teams drove us to create our Ultra High Travel line, lighter springs with improved rate and linearity consistency over the competition. And that push to provide a performance advantage is why we engineer every spring we make to last without losing free length.

And it was that same driver-inspired innovation that caused us to create and launch our Carbon-Composite Bellows Spring system around this time last year. Since then, we’ve been working with several race teams to further develop the technology. Reduction of side force on the shock, tunability, and weight are just a few of the benefits we have seen proven on the track in the last year. We have seen entire inventories of steel springs replaced by a batch of lightweight, stackable washers that can fit in a backpack.

The folks at Hyperco love that drivers have already started experiencing the performance advantage of this new system and are excited about the potential to enhance the world of racing once it receives widespread racing body acceptance. And while we got a kick out of a bellows spring stack being used on the series finale of American Chopper, being recognized by an industry publication dedicated to the best technology in racing is even better. Hyperco is extremely proud to announce that the Carbon-Composite Bellows Spring system has been named to the World Motorsport Symposium’s short list for the Most Innovative Motorsport Product of the Year award. The winner will be announced at the 2013 Race Tech World Motorsport Symposium in January.