How do you install Hyperco leaf springs on a Camaro or Chrysler car?


Diagram of standard mountingDiagram of custom mounting

Note: Top of images is the front as viewed from the bottom of the car.

Remove shackles and axle center mount mounting brackets. Remount brackets to desired new spring position while keeping them aligned and parallel in relationship with the spring. This will eliminate binding and maintain true alignment between spring, bolts and mounting brackets.

Install Mono Spring. Check alignment. The inner sleeves should not bind inside the spring bushings on both front and rear mounting points.

Bolt spring to axle center mounting plate with poly mounting pad extending 1/4” beyond the edge of the steel mounting plate.

U-bolts should be tightened to 65 ft lbs. or to the yield of the center mount plate. U-bolts should never come in contact with the spring. It is recommended a heavy gauge rubber or plastic hose be fitted over the U-bolts to ensure there is no metal to composite contact. Take care not to twist spring during this final step. CAUTION: Torque values may vary depending on hardware used.(Hyperco recommends the use of a lateral control / limiting device or similar device to control/limit the amount of lateral axle movement.)

TIP: After removing shackles and axle mount plate, assemble them to the Composite Mono spring to keep a precise assembly alignment relationship. Then tack weld the assembly to your new mounting position (Always shield springs from welding or exhaust pipes high temperature. This procedure will assure a successful custom fitted installation.).

NOTE: Disassemble spring and complete welding.