What are the most common Tech Tips for using Composite Leaf Springs?


Here is the list of the most common tips we have given our customers concerning the use of Composite Leaf Springs:
  • U-bolts should never come in contact with the composite portion of the leaf spring. Hyperco recommends a heavy gauge rubber or plastic hose be fitted over the U-bolts to ensure that there is no metal to composite contact.
  • U-bolts should be tightened evenly to a torque value of 80 to 100 ft. lbs., or until the center mounting plate yields / deflects. The torque value should be checked on a regular basis to ensure adequate and consistent clamping force.
  • The mounting pad must extend a minimum of ¼” past the steel mounting plate.
  • Additional protection for the composite leaf can be obtained by wrapping all exposed surfaces with high quality duct tape.
  • When installing springs it is important to check the alignment. The inner sleeves must not bind inside the spring bushings on both the front and rear mounting brackets.