We would like to inform you about our most successful season to date. The following stats will show the success of the composite leaf springs. They are by far the most superior product in the performance market. Most leaf springs need to be replaced after a few nights of racing and need to have the weight of the car off the leaf springs at all times! We never take the weight off, not even during the week. We have proven that the Hypercoil Composite Leafs are the best. We have a procedure we follow when installing the springs, all parts of the spring are covered with 3 layers of racers tape and all u-bolts are covered with tubing. The torque on the u-bolts is 70 lbs which needs to be checked every week. These simple steps and a good working car equal success! We have also enclosed a photo for your advertising needs. Thank you so much for a great product!

Friedman RacingFeatures: 1st- 4 wins, 2nd- 4, 3rd- 1, 4th- 4, 5th- 7, 6th- 6, 7th- 2, 8th-1, Total 29 Top Tens (Note: 20 top 5’s) 2- others

Heats: 1st- 8 wins, 2nd- 5, 3rd- 6, 4th- 1, (Note 20 Top 5’s of 29 heats)

Consi: 1st- 1

Qualifying: 1st- 6, 2nd- 4, 3rd- 1 (Note 11 Top 3’s of 12 qualifying nights)

Fairbury American Legion Speedway: 2005 Track Champion (Sportsman Division), 2004 Track Champion (Sportsman Division), 2003 Rookie Year 4th

Farmer City Raceway: 5th in points 2005 (Note: Didn’t Race the First 8 Races)