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Composite Leaf Springs

Composite Leaf Springs are lightweight, high-performance aftermarket suspension springs used as an alternative to coil springs. Hyperco’s leaf springs are designed to be used on select Chrysler, General Motors, Camaro & Corvette applications.

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Key Benefits of Composite Leaf Springs

  • 70% lighter than steel
  • Retain their designed arch, preventing sagging and chassis inconsistency
  • Do not corrode
  • Provide more side bite off the corners
  • Customers report 5X plus the life of traditional steel leaf springs

Measuring Composite Leaf Springs

To measure the arch of a leaf spring, place the spring on a flat surface with the arch up. Measure from the floor to the bottom of the spring (‘H’ in the diagram), and then subtract 3/4″ from the total length. For the Chrysler, the overall length (eye to eye) is 53 7/8″ and the pin-to-eye length is 20 1/2″ (‘L’ in the diagram). For the Chevrolet, the overall length (eye to eye) is 54″ and the pin-to-eye length is 25″ (‘L’ in the diagram).



  • Year(s): 1968-2007
  • Spring Rates: 180#/in to 850#/in
  • Material: Proprietary epoxy matrix “composite” construction
  • Finish: Hyperco dark blue

Hyperco’s Corvette Composite Leaf Springs enable the serious Corvette owner to select the suspension performance level they desire for their car. We offer two series for Corvettes:

The High-Performance Street Series (HPS) provides improved cornering ability, road feel, and initial response while maintaining a quiet and comfortable ride. Ride height adjusters, equipped with Delrin® pads, offer a wide range of tuning options. The enables owner to set the look and handling of the car to their preference…mild to aggressive.

The High-Performance Track Series (HPT) offers the owner a “race-ready” spring rate option for auto crossing, track days, and competitive racing. The Delrin® pad-equipped height adjusters support a wide range of setup choices, enabling the car to be tuned for all-out performance.


  • Year(s): 1968-2007
  • Spring Rates: 180#/in to 850#/in
  • Material: Proprietary epoxy matrix “composite” construction
  • Finish: Hyperco dark blue


  • EZ Ride, Base, Performance, Track


  • High-Performance Street Series
    • C3 Corvette – Rear
    • C4 Corvette – Rear
    • C5 Corvette – Front / Rear
  • High-Performance Track Series
    • C5 Corvette – Front / Rear
    • C6 Corvette – Front / Rear

Tips for Leaf Springs

Here is the list of the most common tips we have given our customers concerning the use of Composite Leaf Springs:

  • U-bolts should never come in contact with the composite portion of the leaf spring. Hyperco recommends a heavy gauge rubber or plastic hose be fitted over the U-bolts to ensure that there is no metal to composite contact.
  • U-bolts should be tightened evenly to a torque value of 80 to 100 ft. lbs., or until the center mounting plate yields / deflects. The torque value should be checked on a regular basis to ensure adequate and consistent clamping force.
  • The mounting pad must extend a minimum of ¼” past the steel mounting plate.
  • Additional protection for the composite leaf can be obtained by wrapping all exposed surfaces with high-quality duct tape.
  • When installing springs it is important to check the alignment. The inner sleeves must not bind inside the spring bushings on both the front and rear mounting brackets.

Looking for installation instructions? Visit our Composite Leaf Spring Installation page.

Need Help with Installation?

Visit our Composite Leaf Spring Installation page for more details.