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Bump Stop Springs

Bump springs or bump stop springs are used in conjunction with a primary spring to allow a race car to have a relatively soft or compliant initial spring rate to get down to the desired optimum ride height and then pick up the rate of the bump spring to achieve a constant and optimum dynamic ride height.

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Key Benefits of Bump Stop Springs or Bump Springs

  • More usable deflection
  • 2% rate linearity tolerance from 20% to 60% of deflection
  • 4% rate linearity tolerance from 61% to 80% of deflection
  • Designed to fit standard hardware
  • Maintain free length and rate throughout a near-infinite operational life
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  • Free length range: 2” to 2.4”
  • Spring rates: 400#/in to 5000#/in
  • Material: High tensile chrome silicone
  • Finish: Double shot-peened; no powder coat


  • Motorsports: Circle Track Racing

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