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Hydraulic Spring Perches

Hyperco’s Hydraulic Spring Perches are suspension components used on coil-over springs designed to minimize lateral forces, resulting in maximum vehicle performance.

Coil springs do not distribute their load evenly around the face of the end coils by nature. This results in lateral load. Hyperco’s hydraulic spring perches eliminate lateral loads by allowing the spring forces to remain centered on the damper.

By precise shaping of the sealing wall of both the spring perch and cylinder body, a perch can freely tilt as needed to evenly distribute the load over the face of the perch. The result is a reduction of bending load on the shock absorber of up to 96%, along with an enhancement in mechanical grip at the tire.

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Key Benefits of Spring Perches

  • Reduces lateral load
  • Evenly distributes spring load
  • Reduces shock absorber internal frictions
  • Reduces bending load on the shock absorber
  • Improves mechanical grip at the tire


  • Add On / Slide On Perch
  • Perch Maintenance Items
    • Seals
    • Gap Setting Rings
    • Assembly Grease
    • Sealing Screws
    • Cotton Swabs
    • Garters: Dirt-Excluding Covers

Products & Specifications

Style Body OD Body ID or Thread Height (H) Gap (G) Guide OD Guide ID Outer Seal Inner Seal Weight (oz)
HHPERCH2.0 3.25 2 0.695 0.109 1.99 1.89 02-041-N70TFE 02-035-N70TFE 4.25
HHPERCH2.25L 3.35 2.25 0.711 0.113 2.24 2.14 ORM0178-07900NTFE 02-037-N70TFE 4.5
HHPERCH2.5 3.74 2.5 0.772 0.126 2.49 2.39 02-043-N70TFE 02-039-N70TFE 6.5
HHPERCH3.00 3.720 2.5 0.817 0.126 2.99 2.89 02-043-VTFE 02-039-VTFE

Basic Information & Applications


  • Finish: Anodized Hyperco Dark Blue
  • Compatible with Most Coil-Over Damper Brands


  • Motorsports: Vehicles that use coil-over springs; Racing teams including Open-Wheel Racing, Trans Am, Formula Ford, Formula Atlantic, ¼ Midgets, Dirt & Pavement Late Models, and Motorcycles.
  • Off-Road: Mountain Bikes, Snowmobiles
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