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Customer Testimonials

We love watching our racers win. Every lap of every race is our legacy! Send us your success stories and become a part of the Hyperco legacy of winning.

Winning With Hyperco

Hear about Hyperco's winning advantage from some of our valued customers.
  • “I’m just reaching out to you to thank you for the reliable product you produce. I was able to race 60 races in the 2021 season with the same springs and the car stayed consistent throughout the whole season. 25 wins and 2021 Wissota Midwest Mod National champion.” - Lucas Rodin

  • “We are elated to run Hyperco springs on our dirt late model. The quality of each spring is top notch with superior craftsmanship and consistency. That’s all you can ask for in a spring and why we continue to choose Hyperco in 2022” - Zach Milbee

  • "When you race as much as we do, consistency becomes very important and that is why we choose Hyperco." - Tim Clauson

  • "Hypercoil has been a spring I can rely on. Whether it’s a stiff or soft spring, I can trust them to give me the most reliable Springs that will continue to repeat spring rate & drive grip into the tires." - Ryan Preece

  • "For the past 12 years, I have exclusively used Hypercoil Springs which have helped lead us to become such a dominant force in the off-road industry. 4 Championships and 33 Race wins all on Hypercoil Springs, and never once have we seen spring fatigue or loss of rate. Consistency is key when it comes to winning championships and that is why we choose Hypercoil here at Ryan Beat Motorsports." - Ryan Beat

Ready to Learn More?

Visit our History of Hyperco page to learn more about how our precision springs became synonymous with a legacy of winning in motorsports, leading us to be a premier manufacturer of performance springs for motorsports, powersports, and off-road applications.