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Hypercoils are our premium line of racing coil springs. Each one is highly engineered for long life at a precise rate, allowing you to tune your suspension with confidence race after race. In order to manufacture a performance advantage, we start with a CNC coiler, as shown in the video. The process is only complete when our signature blue coating and laser-etching have been applied.

Precision Suspensions Components

Suspension Components Manufacturing

Hypercoils are manufactured on state of the art equipment using the latest technology by craftsmen who take great pride in producing what we feel are the best springs available anywhere in the world. The manufacturing facility has the capability to produce almost any size or design of spring either cold-wound or hot-wound coils.

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  • Materials

    Hypercoils are manufactured from the highest quality high-tensile chrome silicone steel in the world.

    Materials Inspection: The material used in producing Hypercoils undergoes two separate magnaflux inspections. Once before manufacture and again after coiling. These inspections insure the wire is free from surface imperfections which, if gone undetected could lead to spring failure.

  • Testing

    To properly test a spring to determine rate, the spring must be deflected with both ends remaining parallel. Portable rate checkers commonly available are not reliable. At Hyperco we have invested heavily in computerized scale test equipment to insure accuracy and consistency. Our scale has the capability to rate test a spring through it’s entire deflection in .100″ increments and print this data in both tabular and graph form.

Labeling & Packaging

During the production process, our precision suspension springs, or Hypercoils, are laser etched with each part number and date code per batch, before boxing. Laser etching is preferred over ink pad printing because it ensures a longer life of identifying the part number against difficult operating environments and harsh chemical cleaners. Hypercoils are individually packaged with their part number and part description before distribution to our dealers and customers around the world.

Date Codes

All Hyperco springs are made in the US and each spring is labeled with a date code to help track the manufacturing and service life for quality assurance. Whether they are 2 months old or 5 years old, all Hyperco springs are backed by our industry-leading lifetime warranty.

  • Stress Relieving

    Hypercoils are notorious for the stability under load and throughout repeated duty cycles. Our ability to achieve these results is aided by our multiple stress relieving processes which take place throughout the production cycle to ensure you receive a spring that is ready to perform with no degradation in performance.

  • Rate tolerance

    Unlike most springs brands which compress their springs from 20% to 80% with an average rate then calculated based off of a 5% tolerance, Hypercoils are rated at 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% to ensure rate linearity and accuracy within a 2% tolerance range giving you unparalleled accuracy.

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