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Selecting High Performance Coils

Serious racers wanting to gain a competitive advantage through the use of high performance coils / springs should demand that the manufacturer of the coils:

  • Design and manufacture suspension coils that do no lose free length or installed height under normal racing conditions. Such springs should also offer adequate deflection.
  • Manufacture springs that provide an accurate and consistent rate with consistent increments between rates.
  • Use the highest quality materials in the world, such as ultra high tensile chrome silicon, micro alloys, titanium, alloy steels and stainless steels.
  • Have sufficient production volume to specify custom raw material runs at the mill rather than being constrained to the mill’s stock wire sizes & materials in inventory. This allows the manufacturer to provide a wider range of springs for many different applications.
  • Design suspension coils to be as light as possible with maximum deflection and at the same time endure the stresses of the extreme conditions common to motor racing. Well-designed coils using the best quality materials will retain its rate and free length during normal racing applications.
  • Perform two separate magnaflux inspections: (1) Before manufacture and (2) After coiling. This ensures the wire is free from surface imperfections, which could lead to spring failure.
  • Test spring to determine rate, using the correct rate checking equipment. Springs must be deflected with both ends remaining parallel. Portable rate checkers commonly available are not reliable. Computerized scale test equipment should be used to insure accuracy and consistency. Such scales are very expensive, but have the capability to rate test a spring through its entire deflection in .100” increments and then print the data in both tabular and graph form. The test equipment should be able to perform multi-axis rate and load testing in order to verify the overall dynamic performance.
  • Use state of the art equipment that has the flexibility to manufacture cold-wound or hot-wound coils in almost any size or design that is right for your application.
  • Have the scope of design experience that allows manufacturing of custom performance coils
  • Provide a Life-Time Guarantee for the coils that they remain within two percent of the original manufacturing tolerances for rate and free length. Such warranties are usually subject to the coils being cared for properly and used in normal racing conditions.

Performance coils manufactured using the guidelines described above will produce coil-over and conventional springs that have a consistent quality & performance. Even though such parts cost more than budget price equivalents, they will allow their users to gain a competitive advantage.

Hypercoils are manufactured using the high standards described above.

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