Hyperco Products

Hyperco offers a range of highly-engineered suspension springs and related products for the aftermarket industry particularly the Motorsports, Street Performance and Off-Road & Powersports markets. We also offer some “miscellaneous” products including additional suspension components, fasteners, engine valve springs, machined springs and carbon composite springs.

Hyperco Coilovers & Suspension Coil Springs

Conventional, coil-over, and specialty suspension springs

Hyperco Composite Leaf Springs

Lightweight, composite suspension leaf springs

Hyperco Hydraulic Spring Perches

Suspension components used on coil-overs to minimize lateral forces

Hyperco Coil Spring Covers

Covers a coil-over spring to prevent dirt, sand & debris

Hyperco Spring Rubber Inserts

Rubber donuts for fine-tuning spring rates on coil-over springs

Hyperco Spring Dividers and Other Components

Suspension & automotive products from other MW Industries’ brands