“We just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for your products to you and your staff!  Since running Hypercoils in our modified car, we have had nothing but great success with the car.  We were able to claim our first win of the season during the AC Delco PSC 602 Sportman portion of the Full Throttle “Messick Family 40″ program on April 2, 2017 at Delaware International Speedway and we credit your products for this win!   The season is fresh with only two races in, between two different tracks, and two top five finishes, but we believe this is just the start of great racing year.”
— Dwayne and Amy Crockett, Crockett Motorsports

It’s great to hear the success stories of our racers! Thanks to Crockett Motorsports for their note to the Hyperco team! Hypercoils do offer a total performance advantage!